Moving Along

It is unfortunate and quite weird to find someone who takes seven years to attain a Bachelor’s Degree, but I am one of those rarities. It wasn’t my original plan to spend this long as an undergraduate and changing my major between music and psychology so many times, but in my seven years working to […]


Women’s Pressure to be Perfect

Females nowadays are pressured more to be accepted into society and they pay a heavy price to be able to. Not just the mass media, but all of the American society has created the image that women have to be a certain pant/dress size, wear certain brands of clothes and makeup, being tan, — I […]


Forever Alone…?

This may be my pessimism and bitterness coming out, but here I go… So many find who they want to spend the rest of their life with when they’re in high school or college, sometimes even middle or elementary school; and then there’s me, a senior in college at age twenty-five and I still have […]